Goodbye WordPress.

The time has finally come for me to say goodbye to WordPress and to say goodbye to the past chapters of my life. I’m still going to keep this blog up in case all my old followers wanna reread it? (I don’t know why you would, just saying haha)

The new blog will consist of everything from here on out. The funny part is I start school tonight & I didn’t even think about it until half way through writing this post. So, with the beginning of the new chapters in my life, here’s my new blog. (the title is kinda long. lol)

It’s been good WordPress, and thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blog through the past couple of years. I’m so thankful for your love, support and understanding.


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So Much To Do! Ahh.

I really wish I could tell you guys that I was writing to tell you my new blogspot address. Unfortunately I am not. Due to all this snow/sleet/freezing rain fun, work has been crazy! So many people have water damage.

The good news though is that I have my Wednesdays back. =) And I officially start school Monday for EKG Tech. It got postponed a week because the teacher we had got sick, so they had to find a new one. But I’m all set. Got my book, and notebook & pens & folder. I’m so excited to go back to school.

As for the new blog, well I still have to edit some photos from my new camera I got for Christmas & then I’ll share the new address. Woo, busy busy. But it’s all for good reasons. =)

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Big News!!!!

I have decided that I want to go a different direction with my blog. I want to get away from the uber personal stuff & away from my rants (sorry guys!) and moreso into posts about trips, clothes, products, books, etc. I want to begin to do giveaways & feature people for interviews & sponsor them. There’s a great big blogger world out there & I’m ready to fully get into it!

I haven’t decided yet but I will most likely head back to blogspot because I really like their layouts & I found one I lovee. So I’ll let you know when that happens! Could be as soon as tomorrow night bc we are supposed to get another big snowstorm & LB will down state for a training seminar he has all week. :/

Plus I really want to start using my new camera & I have a bunch of photos to edit; not to mention this great software I got with it to help me edit. Yay for new projects!!!

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School Bound!

I am so so excited right now. Thanks to the help of my mama dukes, I am officially going to school. =) I got the call today that my loan went through no problem. Now tomorrow I just have to sign the paperwork, get my moneyyy & head to school to register & get my book & I’m all set.

But, I’m gonna stop right here to tell you, that with all my heart I want to quit this job I’m currently at. One of the things I’m responsible for is Allstate here at work. And Allstate keeps increasing what they want you to do. So, all of a sudden I go from entering data & the estimate into one program to three programs.

Oh-and now I have to use Sketch. Sketch is bascially diagrams of the rooms. Well, apparently now I need to draw out the ENTIRE house & then try & enter my data into it.  Guess what? It never works for me. I cannot do it. I am not an architect, and seriously that is the level at which these sketches are at. If its not a water claim I have to insert doors & windows.

I’m not usually one to bitch about my job, because its pretty easy, well was. I legit cried over this because I know soon enough my boss is gonna get fed up with me doing the sketches wrong & yell at me. It may not be hard for her but its hard for me. And I know the biggest thing you supposed not do is tell your boss you can’t do something. But this company is different. And honestly, I’m tired of being treated like crap & receiving crap pay.

One of the project managers will INSIST that he gave me photos & I’ll tell him he didn’t & he’ll go to my boss & then she’ll come in my office & make me look through the pics with her standing right there. Apparently I’m some big liar. I’m just sick of being treated like that. I’m not you’re freaking child, if I tell you that there isn’t something, then there isn’t something. I don’t lie.

But hopefully school will go well & I can find something new.

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Hello New Outlook!

So first an update on my beloved car, Charlie. He is still yet to be completed. =( But my insurance adjustor called & said he should be done by next Thursday the 27th. So here’s to hoping he is. I miss him dearly. Stanley the PT Cruiser (yes i named him hahah) is getting me where I have to go though. Besides the fact that he’s a gas guzzler. =P But I’m ready for Charlie to come back into my life.

Last night I went to my local community college for an orientation on Allied Health non-credit courses. =) I was probably the youngest one there by about 20 years, I am not even kidding, but it made me feel a lot better. My damn social anxiety & such. =/ I learned a lot though. I learned about the chances of getting a job, how much I’ll make hourly, the kind of hours I would need to work. The only thing I hated it that this girl was sitting behind me & she would not shut up. I felt like I was at the movies & I just wanted to go sssssh the whole time.

I am still kinda undecided about what I want to do. It’s either Phlembotomy or Patient Care Tech. The only thing I don’t like about PCT is that you have to take a CNA class & I’m sorry, nothing against wiping butts & cleaning up vomit but I do not handle bodily fluids well.  So I’m going to email the career advisor & see if there’s any jobs that would like you to do just Phlembotomy & EKG. But if not, either I decide to get over my fear of bodily fluids & persue PCT, which then I could become a LPN & then an RN or I just stick people with needles all day. I’m not sure. Maybe she could suggest some other things.

But I’m uber excited that I’m taking the first steps towards going towards a medical career. I love my job here BUT at the same time, I don’t make enough to really move out, I’ll never be able to move up (well anytime soon) and I don’t work five days a week. I know that going with any healthcare job, I will have to work crazy hours/weekends/and holidays but the money is certainly worth it. Plus, I love helping people. I rather help them face to face then help them over the phone being bored outta my wits end occasionally.

So I’ll let you know what I decide! I could be starting class as soon as Monday the 31st! I don’t know if or when if I decide just on Phlembotomy though, because class is at 515 M/T/W & I work till 5. I’m not sure my boss will really go for me having to leave like 15 mins early those well 2 days because I have Wednesdays off. But I’ll have to talk to her, probably tomorrow. I’ll start off on Phlembotomy & see where that goes.

Wish me luck!

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Update On My Car

(If you haven’t read about my accident, go here.)

I got a call about Charlie yesterday from my insurance company. The guy was very hesitant on telling me about my car & I started getting nervous BUT Charlie will be okay. =)

He has about 7,000 worth of damage, if he had a grand more, he probably would be totalled. He is a-ok though!

The only bad part is that the latest I would get him back is the 31st of this month. =/ 26 days without my baby is gonna be hard. Hope its not that long. I thankfully do have a rental car, its a 2009 PT Cruiser & I hate it. It’s just not a good car, the acceleration is funny on it and it has a horrid blindspot. =O

But, I’m still happy to have my own mode of transportation regardless. Just patiently waiting for Charlie now. =)


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Wow is All I Can Say.

Last night I was involved in a car accident. ='( I’m okay & so is KelKel who was my passenger. It just frustrates me because I’ve been such a cautious driver since my accident in July 08 that ended my Pontiac’s life.

I was heading to Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee with Kelkel as we always do. I put my blinker on to turn left. (I had to go through two lanes of traffic to get to it). The woman in the first lane stopped to let me by, I slowly creeped forward into the second lane, saw that the coast was clear and slowly began crossing into the parking lot. I was almost through, when suddenly without warning I saw this car flying up the road at me. I knew there was nothing I could do & seconds later he hit me.

The worst part is that he didn’t even try to slow down whatsoever. He just came at me, hit me, reversed and then DROVE OFF! I looked over at Kelkel to make sure she was okay, she just had some minor whiplash she told me.

I parked my car, waited for the police & while we waited about 5 people came up to me and told me they saw that the car was silver and that it was a Pontiac Grand Prix. But no one was able to get his license plate. The cops finally came, the first guy was such a big douche, probably because he thought I was being a stupid little girl. At one point he asked me if I was really 24, and then made a comment that he was getting old.

Another cop came & he was a lot nicer. He took my info & ended up only giving me a warning. Thankfully Charlie was fine to drive & I took him to LB’s (who literally lives 2 secs away) & parked him for the evening. LB came home & gave Kelkel a ride home & I called my insurance company.

Later that night, I drove Charlie home. My mom ended up giving me a ride to work this morning, and the insurance adjustor finally called me around 930am. We went over everything, scheduled pickup of Charlie to be brought to the body shop that LB used to work at & arranged for me to pick up a rental car through Enterprise.

So everything is squared away but it still sucks that I have to pay my deductible. I was so excited that I was being a very cautious driver & then this happens. 2 1/2 years into me having my car. I just hope to God that Charlie isnt totalled. He needs a new door & LB said that they would probably have to do some frame work. He told me that my car is bluebooked at 8,000.  I just pray my baby makes it out okay, because I can’t afford to buy another car. I’d still have to pay off my loan bc I don’t have gap coverage of any type.

My Poor Man.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress. Hopefully it all turns out well, or I’ll be paying a loan for a car I don’t have anymore. ='(


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